Escort etiquette

Escort etiquette

Escort etiquette

Escort etiquette

True gentlemen always know how to treat an escort and get maximum pleasure and pleasant hours from her. Girls who work as escorts are polite and demand from their customers a very high level of cleanliness, respect, and education, without lack of respect as women and professionals.

In this article, you will find useful tips to treat your escort in the best way and get the best out of your meeting with both sex, education, and entertainment.

The escort can accompany you to a social evening, to a business meeting, can be your girlfriend, can only have sex with you, but regardless of the situation she ensures commitment, passion and 100% professionalism, and it is right to treat her with the maximum respect.

Here are the primary rules of etiquette with escorts.

#1: Cleanliness

The girls love cleaning, and also show up for the appointment with the escort clean, shaved and hairless on the body.

Cut your nails, only the girl can have long nails for erotic games, shaved her beard, put a good deodorant and take a nice shower before meeting her.

Put clean clothes and new underwear. Remember that the girl is a professional, but is motivated to perform many erotic games if the client is fresh and fragrant.

Sex is best when it is accompanied by cleansing, so clean your penis thoroughly before having sex.

In the case of a cumshot on the body or face, it is necessary to have the permission of the escort and make sure you have handkerchiefs near you to clean her, prepare a shower, soap, intimate cleanser and towels for a shower after the sexual relationship.

# 2: Money

The first thing to do is to agree on the price with the escort based on the time together and the type of sexual relationship. The agreed amount must be paid in advance, possibly in cash and in a sealed envelope.

Do not try to get a subsequent discount, get benefits that are not included in the price and pay less.

The girl is not stupid and has the right to check the envelope immediately. Also, the agency can take legal action against you in case of improper behavior, and pay less for girls is one of the worst behavior for a client.

The best escorts are not cheap, but their skills and their bodies explain their high price.

Prepare yourself to spend a lot of money if you decide to turn to an escort. If you want to have sex paying only $ 20 calls a prostitute, the companions are of another level.

#3: Before sex

Before having sex with your escort, you have to do everything to make pleasant the time you spend together. Talk to the girl about some topics, like politics, TV series, sports, try to be kind and friendly without being intrusive.

Do not ask personal questions to the escort. Her escort name is not her real name, and she’s playing for you the part of a girlfriend or a woman interested in your job. Please respect her privacy and do not ask for Facebook contacts, email addresses, mobile numbers. The escorts who perceive this lack of respect and the invasion of their spaces can become very vindictive and put you in an awkward position with your family, with your wife or with your girlfriend.

#4: Sex

The first thing to keep in mind during sexual intercourse with the escort is that NO means NO. Do not ask for extra services without paying for them and do not try to use your strength to get them (such as unintended anal sex). You will ruin the atmosphere, and you will have problems with sexual harassment.

The only things you will get from the escort will be the ones you paid for, nothing more, nothing less.

The escorts have safe sex, all sexual activities must be done after wearing a condom. Trying to have sex without protection is extremely serious, and the girl has the right to stop the performance without any refund.

Finally, do not be too aggressive, not just focus on one part of the body, not only search for your orgasm and not obsessively ask her if she cum.

Following these simple rules of etiquette, you will get the best out of your experience with escorts, and you will spend some very happy moments.

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