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Why is my profile still not activated/set to private?

Make sure you added a Photo without text or showing genitals. Please have a look at your Spam folder if there is any message from us. If you are not activated in 48 hours please contact us using the Contact Us Form, via Chat or Phone.

You did not answer to my message.

Please have a look at your Spam folder if there is any message from us. Please contact us using the Contact Us Form, via Chat or Phone.

Is my personal data safe?

Yes, your data is stored on a file on our secure server and will not be shared, sold or traded in any way. Your privacy is very important to us and we respect the right of our users to remain anonymous.

How can I contact an escort?
Just phone the number indicated in the profile. If you want to contact an escort by message, you must be logged in. To register click here and register as normal user with your email address and user name. It will take just 1 minute and is required to prevent spam and that the escorts know that you are real.

Why do I need to register to contact an escort?
This is to prevent robot sending out spam to the escorts and let the escorts know that you are real. You also get access to more features like saving escorts as favorites, posting ads and make reviews.

How can I verify my profile/photo?
Increase the credibility of your account by submitting a verification photo. Log in, go to my account and click on Verified status.
Please upload a photo of yourself holding a paper in your hands with the name of our website.
All photos are private and will not be published!
You can only upload 1 photo. Your verification is valid for all our domains. Please indicate us which other domains you wish to verify.

Is it really free?
Yes, it’s totally free.

What is a Premium / Featured escort?
A Premium / Featured escort has purchased this status in order to get top positions and more visibility and customers.

How can I become Escort or Agency of the week?
Contact us to reserve a date and send us your banner. Make sure your payment arrives on time. See our price list here.

Are verified photos 100% genius?
Yes, they are photos of real escorts which went to a verification process.

Are profiles verified?
Yes, all profiles are verified manually before being published. The email addresses are verified. Please note that we cannot check any recent changes to phone numbers. If you have any doubt, please contact us.

Do I need to place a backlink/Banner on my website?
Just if you publish your website at your profile. Please introduce any of our codes here on your homepage. We regularly check backlinks and delete any profile which removed or changed the code.

What is the profile URL?
It’s what you see in your browser window when being logged in or clicking on your profile.
profile url

Where can I find the payment link on my profile?
Search for the “My Account” Link.
Click on “View my profile”.
Click on the Premium Position or Featured Position Link.
Follow the instructions to pay or enter www.Escorts.Promo

Can I advertise as a Club, Brothel, Strip club, private chalet or any adult establishment?
Yes. Please see our establishment page here.

How can I promote an escort from my escort agency?
Agencies can buy packs of 3, 6, 12 or all escorts with premium or featured status. There are important discounts. See our prices here. After buying the pack send us the profile URLs of the escorts you want to upgrade.

How many and what kind of photos can I upload?
Up to 5 photos, size 5 MB, we accept just esthetic photos, no genitals can be shown. Not watermarks or text on photos is accepted. File format .jpg or .gif

How do I get the offer: Pay for 1 – get 3?
Go to www.escorts.promo to see all our domains. Sign up at the once you wish. Make the payment and send us via email the 3 profile URLs you want to activate.

How long does a payment via Bank transfer need to be activated?
A bank transfer within the European community takes 2 business days to arrive and another 2 business days to generate the bank extract. To ensure we can associate your payment with your profile send us and email indicating the name under which the payments will be registered. We can activate your status within 48 hours if you send us a scan or photo of your payment.

What discounts do you have?
You can pay upfront for 3 or 6 month and get 15% or 25% discount. Agencies get more discounts the more escorts they upgrade.
Our actual offer is pay for 1 domain and select another 2 domains for free.

How can I contact you?
Use the contact form you find at the top menu, phone us, use the chat when we are online, send us an email to info@blissescorts.com
If you don’t receive an answer within 48 hours, please check your spam folder.

I opened a profile but cannot see it…
This is because your profile will be manually activated by us within 48 hours. You will get an email when your profile is active. But you can login and see your profile at any time.

How can I upload my photos?
add photos escorts

Can I purchase several packs?
Yes, if you want to upgrade more than 3 domains or are an agency wanting to upgrade more escorts you can do so. If you experience any problems with multiple payments via credit card, please pay by bank transfer as our payment provider may block your card for multiple purchases to prevent fraud.

I get nasty messages or phone calls from clients or escorts.
Please send us a report so we can investigate and eventually add the escort or client to the blacklists.

How can I post classified ads?
Login and go to My Account and click on Classified Ads. It’s free.

How can I post a tour?
Log in. Go to My Account and click on Manage my Tours. It’s free.

How can I get an invoice?
Please send an email to invoices@escorts.promo indicating date and amount of your payment, payment method, profile URL and your details for the invoice: Full Name or Company, Address, Tax number.

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